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and it's not going to end until October at the earliest. (where Victoria has a home) and the case has gone to a judge who told Azerenka she's not allowed to take the child out of California while the custody trial rages ...Tennis superstar Victoria Azerenka is furious a judge has given her a real-life Sophie's choice -- tennis or her kid -- that is making her drop out the US open. The dilemma -- the US Open kicks off August 28 in New York.The former #1 player in the world is locked in a nasty dispute with Billy Mc Keague -- the father of her 8-month-old son, Leo. Victoria will not leave her child -- whom she's been breastfeeding until a month ago -- with Mc Keague because she doesn't believe he's capable of caring for the kid.ET/PT) is the fun-filled and compelling real-life story of Hall of Fame football legend and celebrated baseball star, Deion Sanders.

Pilar now believes she can only be judged by the Moroccan Empire (which does not exist).But for some reason the judge won't defer to the Belarus court.Deion Sanders' ex-wife was sentenced to seven days behind bars today for failing to return their kids in a timely manner ... Pilar Sanders was found in contempt, and immediately taken into custody.READ MORE In the words of the little girl in the Old School Poltergeist movie: “They’re baaaaack…” Who’s back you ask?The parents of Jocelyn Savage- the 21 year old woman whose parents caught media attention with ?

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READ MORE It’s been a few months since the infamous rudely worded memo Steve Harvey sent to his staff surfaced online, but in interviews, he’s still finding himself between a rock and a hard place over it.

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