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With these tools, you can identify, measure, and root out the causes of variability in your production and service processes and designs.The focus of an @RISK analysis can be narrowed using Top Rank.NET framework (managed code) there was no support for serial communication. For example, it is not possible to control the FIFO in the UART. Open Serial Port("COMx") to open a serial port, but if it is done that way, it is not possible to set many of the properties of the port like for example the length of the receive buffer and it is not possible to tell when a port is open (Is Open). At any time it is possible to change the COM port selection and the Baud rate.

Using vertex array can reduce the number of function calls and redundant usage of the shared vertices.

The memory manager in vertex buffer object will put the buffer objects into the best place of memory based on user's hints: "target" and "usage" mode.

Therefore, the memory manager can optimize the buffers by balancing between 3 kinds of memory: system, AGP and video memory.

Unfortunately Microsoft has never paid much attention to the serial port. When the program is loaded, a list of the available COM ports is generated and put into a Combo Box.

In the Windows API it is just regarded as a file, and in the first version (1.1) of the . Ports - has been added in version 2.0, which has made things much easier although there are still some problems. One of these possibilities must be selected before any communication can take place.

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