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With Cold Fusion, the only currently supported versions under “core support” are versions 9 and 10.If you are still using Cold Fusion 8 or below, be aware you probably aren’t going to be able to get a patch against the latest vulnerabilities.

To upgrade the JRE you actually leave the existing one intact (which makes it possible to easily restore to the prior state if something goes wrong).You allow folks to go back and forth between steps and edit what they've done.How do you handle the insert on that first step without creating duplicates when users return to that step?I have updated this page several times as new hotfixes are released for CF 9.0.1, so you may consider bookmarking this page.If you are not sure what hotfixes you have installed our Hack My CF paid service can let you know which hotfixes are installed and which are not on CF 9.0.1 - here's a screenshot showing an out of date server: What about Cold Fusion 9.0.2?

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