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[Also acceptable: “haha”, “hahaha”, “hahahaha”.] Unless you are my mother, a beloved friend, my boyfriend, or anyone who is on the same flight to L. as Zac Efron, this is a wholly inappropriate request due to the time commitment it requires. on a Sunday and leaves before 11, nor do they leave with their sanity in tact. This category merits an imagined (but all too real) scenario describing the dating landscape in Los Angeles, scored on a points system. You guys are having a lively textversation ( 10 for compatible texting styles). Additional -5 for the call time, because you’d really rather be catching up on at that time of day.

And whether or not you’re going on dates at The Olive Garden, you can appreciate the differences of opinion that often feel like dating deal breakers, especially early on—as well as the desire to salvage the date in some way (aka at least leaving with a snack).Eventually we all become so Angeleno that ideas which would literally be maniacal anywhere else—like making a right turn when you’re firmly situated in the left turn lane—seem not only normal but absolutely justifiable. Perhaps you, like me, moved from the Midwest with a set of checklist items that could as easily apply to a love interest in Bassett, Nebraska as they could to one in Oak Brook, Illinois: must be employed, preferably a non-smoker, would be convenient if they loved Zac Efron’s oeuvre as much as I do. Some are not, and yet they automatically render any person a sexual non-entity. Dating someone who lives on a street littered with PERMIT PARKING ONLY signs is kind of like playing a video game on Expert Mode and your health bar is nearly at zero and you’ve unwittingly stumbled into the Superboss’s lair (the Superboss being Permit Parking) and the only weapon in your magic pouch is something utterly useless like the Giant’s Knife from that a salad from Whole Foods would never be enough to sustain you while you circled the block for 45 minutes looking for an open meter or a rare Loading Zone space or a parking garage that takes credit cards or even a valet who’ll settle for .73 in loose change because no, you don’t have cash, which is why you were looking for the garage, and then the valet will look other way when you don’t enter the restaurant you’re parking at, which is three miles away from wherever you were trying to go in the first place [please refer to number one on this list]. Spend time with a quality human and suddenly their Facebook album of 110 headshots is all you can look at slash show to your friends at brunch ( magazine. introduces an entirely new and totally site-specific set of deal breakers to the already-impossible-to-navigate dating scene. He comes back at you with, “Maybe it’d be better to grab coffee instead of drinks since we both have work the next day, LOL! The conversation ends with him texting to say he’ll “let you know where tomorrow.” You don’t hear from him until Wednesday at p.m. “Maybe next time.” Grand total: -472 Let’s do better.It’s amazing when a meme that starts off as joke morphs into a smart approach to the kind of discourse the Internet needs more of. These are the qualities a man either has or comes with that you can't tolerate in your life.

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