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For relationships begun online, it's important to know that no site is immune from fraud.

and other match-making sites have no effective way to screen or verify all users, so be aware that there are criminals mixed in with the honest members, and these criminals are actively looking for victims.

As an adult, she became a therapist and oversaw several patients, but later moved to Virginia and began working with the Center for Social Services.

Developing a desire to project a fantasy in which she would kill herself over and over again, she began serial killing in Virginia, targeting runaways who were lured over to her house after they contacted a hotline she set up.

And despite the absence of words, they bore an unmistakable anti-American tone.

Once the undisputed king of the spaghetti western, his grip on the reins seems to be slipping.Take your time and be skeptical of any request for money, such as emergencies, etc.Balding, reliant on reading glasses, his legs crisscrossed with varicose veins, his face carved with deep weathered creases, he looks all of his 83 years.His 17-year marriage to former TV newscaster Dina Ruiz, 35 years his junior, is heading for divorce after she confirmed their split last week.Dina, 48, is reportedly finding consolation in the arms of former sweetheart Scott Fisher, a University of Hawaii basketball coach, 33 years Clint's junior.

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