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Naughty and raunchy text messages are an integral part of every relationship.We’ve all been there, and we’ve all sent it to a special someone.That option can be a bit overwhelming, though, so go with a relatively short name and focus your creative juices on the tagline. People who work in advertising agencies can make their entire career on just one tagline. ”) As in advertising, the key to a good tagline in online dating is In the world of marketing (which, in the end, is what online dating is all about), the goal is to reach the right customer, not every customer.If you try to be too creative with both, they tend to conflict and create a confused message. This goal is called strategic positioning, the process of defining who you are in a way that your customers understand whether they’re a good match for you.But that's a problem because most guys try to meet women at a club, filled with noise, dancing and drunks.

If there's a big crowd and she's with a lot of people and it's very noisy it's a bad place to meet and introduce yourself. She probably can't hear you well and you can't hear her.

Women don't touch-or get close to men they don't like.

But do you know how to respond so she will keep touching you for many dates to come?

I am just citing some topics which can make your conversation both light and entertaining. ☺ What movies teach you about love and dating that is absolutely lame.

A funny and interesting topic can be talked on for hours and hours, till you think that you have managed to kill your time satisfactorily. ☺ Daydreaming should be a religion.☺ Homer Simpson for President. ☺ Biggest lies that men actually believe about women. ☺ Discuss the different ways you can hide your braces at school. ☺ Things you shouldn't say to a cop who pulls you over for speeding. ☺ If a man with multiple personality disorder threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?

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People often warm up to others when they see that, others are also as human as they are. ★ Try to portray only the funny side of your story as you don't want to be that guy who recites his sob stories to strangers.

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