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Die wenigsten Männer stehen auf aufgetakelte Vamps!Verzichten Sie deswegen am besten auf Make-up-Experimente und setzen Sie stattdessen auf den Nude-Look.Everyone in China looks forward to the Lunar New Year — except perhaps those unwed young adults returning home who face that inevitable question from their parents: Why are you still single?To help speed things along, helpful elders have been known to arrange blind dates for their progeny.This page and associated sub-pages allows a user to run an American produced utilitarian bottle or a significantly sized bottle fragment through a series of questions based primarily on diagnostic physical, manufacturing related characteristics or features to determine the approximate manufacturing age range of the item.As Berge (1980) noted in referring to bottles, the "..of manufacture of glass containers provides observable attributes which seem to be very useful in a classification of these artifacts." Thus, this page.

The answer might seem a bit vague, reading in part: “Youngsters should honestly inform parents of life plans to ease their anxiety, while parents should respect the kids’ choice and refrain from putting more mental strain on the younger ones.” Another question: Can party members date foreigners?

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The post was later removed without explanation, and Nanchang officials didn’t respond to requests for comment.

But the guidebook has been reposted by several Chinese media outlets, and cached versions are still accessible in cyberspace.

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