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For non-stock items, our considerable expertise in the field of parts location and extensive network of alternative sources means we will usually be able to deliver a more complete solution than most.

Please note, we only cater for Diesel Lister engines -- not petrol series.

Lister-Petter TS2 Available hand or electric start. Lister-Petter TS3 Available hand or electric start. Lister-Petter TX2 Available hand or electric start.

Lister-Petter AA1 Hand start Lister-Petter AB1 Hand start Lister-Petter AC1 Available hand or electric start. Lister-Petter AD1 Available hand or electric start. Lister-Petter AC2 Available hand or electric start. I call this engine my "old faithful" as it starts easily and will quite happily chug away all day, as long as the water and fuel are kept topped up. I have this set to something just below 12 volts in order to prolong the life of the lamps.Each spring I change the oil in the sump and polish it up and off we go again. This is the "D" in the normal running position, showing that it's light enough to run on the trailer. Note the display boards giving general and more technical information for interested people.If you own a Wolseley stationary engine please take the time to register it at our Wolseley Stationary Engine Register HERE.All models can be entered including Pre-Style, Style 1, Style 2, Style 3, Style 4, Horizontal, Pre-WD, WD1, WD2, WD8, WD9, WLB1, WLB8, WLB9 and Air Cooled.

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Lister D's were produced right up until 1964 which says a great deal for their design. They are an ideal engine for anyone just starting out on their stationary engine hobby. I normally display this engine driving a 12 volt dynamo that powers a lighting board. Here you can see the exhaust and carburettor, with the linkage to the governor clearly shown.

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