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Bayesian probability Probability interpretations Bayes' theorem Bayes' rule · Bayes factor Bayesian inference Bayesian network Prior · Posterior · Likelihood Conjugate prior Posterior predictive Hyperparameter · Hyperprior Principle of indifference Principle of maximum entropy Empirical Bayes method Cromwell's rule Bernstein–von Mises theorem Bayesian information criterion Credible interval Maximum a posteriori estimation Bayesian probability is one of the different interpretations of the concept of probability and belongs to the category of evidential probabilities.The Bayesian interpretation of probability can be seen as an extension of logic that enables reasoning with propositions whose truth or falsity is uncertain.Broadly speaking, there are two views on Bayesian probability that interpret the 'probability' concept in different ways.For objectivists, probability objectively measures the plausibility of propositions, i.e.To evaluate the probability of a hypothesis, the Bayesian probabilist specifies some prior probability, which is then updated in the light of new, relevant data.The Bayesian interpretation provides a standard set of procedures and formulae to perform this calculation.

An alternate way of understanding our definition of conditional belief is provided by considering ideas from an earlier paper [FH91], where we connect belief functions with inner measures.Die Syntax orientiert sich an der Programmiersprache S, mit der R weitgehend kompatibel ist, und die Semantik an Scheme.Als Standarddistribution kommt R mit einem Interpreter als Kommandozeilenumgebung mit rudimentären grafischen Schaltflächen.Bayesian probability interprets the concept of probability as "an abstract concept, a quantity that we assign theoretically, for the purpose of representing a state of knowledge, or that we calculate from previously assigned probabilities," in contrast to interpreting it as a frequency or "propensity" of some phenomenon.The term "Bayesian" refers to the 18th century mathematician and theologian Thomas Bayes, who provided the first mathematical treatment of a non-trivial problem of Bayesian inference.

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